Meet Our Team

Lisa Hulse—Vice President of Operations

Lisa comes to The Villages with a B.S. in Nursing, a Public Health Nursing sub-specialty, a Psychology Minor, and a huge heart. With a list of previous experiences as wide as her sunny smile, Lisa has worked in hospital settings as well as home health care settings, and with all ages, from children to seniors.

Serving as both a direct-care nurse and later as director of clinical services across a broad range of communities, Lisa knows about the caring profession from every angle. She understands the importance of great communication, responsive management, ongoing training, and leading by example.

Surprised by the pervasive “friendliness” she found upon her arrival at The Villages from a large, national company, Lisa was smitten by the number of smiles and hugs exchanged on a daily basis in all four of our communities. She makes her home in Cambria with husband Hank and children, Amber and Jordan.

“My goal is simple,” she says. “To serve our residents well, in all ways, every day."

Jane A. Lefebre—Director of Community Relations

Jane’s affinity for the older, wiser generation began with her grandmother, who shared the house where she was raised. Continuing in that tradition, Jane’s own mother now lives with her, in a cottage nearby. Even her father was older than most, being 50 when Jane was born. “I guess you could say I’ve always been comfortable with older people,” she smiles.

Jane has a long career in sales and marketing, with many years helping seniors and their families find just the right fit for their unique needs. “Working in the senior housing industry is very special. I love a job that’s built on relationships,” she says.

Born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area, Jane found her way to the Central Coast to attend Cal Poly. She raised three children here, Amanda, Courtney and Taylor, but now finds herself with an empty nest. She makes her home in Templeton where she loves to welcome friends for dinner or a weekend getaway. And with ancestral roots in Europe, she also loves to travel when time permits.

Susan Stewart—Community Relations Coordinator

A San Luis Obispo resident since she was 12, Susan Stewart has accumulated a lifetime of school mates, colleagues, and friendships that run deep and strong. She has been a published written voice in our community for two decades, telling the stories of the people, places, and adventures that make the Central Coast so uniquely appealing.

Susan has had a varied working life, beginning in hospitality (restaurants) to work her way through both her BA in Sociology from UC Santa Barbara, and her MA in Education from Cal Poly SLO. She has worked in several “helping” agencies as a counselor and health educator, was a teacher and public speaker in the crime prevention arena; is a writer for local and national publications; she even served a stint as a tour guide for Hearst Castle. Susan brings six years’ experience in the Senior Housing industry to her current position at The Villages, where she feels privileged to talk with, guide, and inform people who are seeking a change in their lives.

In her spare time, Susan loves to hike the endlessly beautiful hills, mountains, beaches and trails all along the Central Coast. She also reads, writes, gardens, and practices yoga to keep her body and her mind in shape. “I like to be flexible,” she smiles.  

Spring Angelotti—Community Relations Coordinator

“I always planned to work with people,” said Spring Angelotti, whose easy smile and ready laughter puts everyone at ease, confirming she made the right choice.

Born and raised in the Hollywood Hills, Spring recalls a Girl Scout leader who nourished her natural creativity and taught her to believe in herself. She went on to earn two degrees—one in General Education and one in Human Services, plus a certification in Early Childhood Development—all of which serve her well in her current position.

As she works with residents and their families, she focuses on what is best for each individual. “I really believe in what The Villages offers people, and I love adding value to their lives in whatever way we can.”

In her off time, Spring has an active family life of her own, but she especially enjoys spending time with her grandson. 

Jeri O'Neill—Business Office Manager

A native of San Luis Obispo, Jeri was raised two blocks away from The Villages, and as a child, actually played on the field that existed before the buildings were constructed. She earned an A. A. degree in Liberal Arts from Cuesta College and graduated with honors from Cal Poly with a B. A. in English. Raised in a family surrounded by elders, Jeri has always felt comfortable with seniors and enjoys being of service and interacting with all the wonderful residents. Jeri is recognized as the longest-employed staff person at The Villages.

Natalie EllingsonLife Enrichment Director

Natalie is “a natural” at her chosen profession, getting her start early with her first job. At just 16, she landed a job at the same senior community where her mother worked, one very much like ours. Gifted with all the right talents, Natalie is a born event planner, a gracious hostess, an inspiring teacher, and avid health and exercise enthusiast.

Born in California but raised in the Midwestern state of Wisconsin, Natalie came back to our sunny state for college, and headed straight for the best senior community she could find: The Villages of SLO! In her role as Life Enrichment Director, Natalie loves being creative, producing memorable experiences, and promoting healthy living. “I love coming to work every day with the soul purpose of enriching lives,” she says, with emphasis on the intentional misspelling of sole. “That’s what life is all about!”

Ben Kelly—Director of Dining Services

“Nothing has the power to bring people together like a good meal,” says Ben Kelly, “and I relish the ability to provide that service for Villages residents.” Bringing 16 years’ experience to his position as Director of Dining Services for all four Villages communities, Ben understands the value of food as a “medium to highlight different cultures, celebrate heritages, or bring back a cherished memory.”

From menu-writing to staff development, Ben thrives on overseeing “all the moving parts” of his dining team, including special events, mentoring newcomers, and keeping his kitchen gleaming.

Ben funded his education (a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism) by working in restaurants and dining establishments, where he says, “I couldn’t be happier and more at home!”

When he’s not in the kitchen, Ben loves working with wood alongside his wife, Karen, and going on geographic treasure hunts with their two children, Kaitlyn and Jackson.

Linda Baptista—Lead Receptionist

“The minute I walked into The Villages, it felt like home,” said Linda of the day she interviewed for the Lead Receptionist position at our Assisted Living community, Garden Creek.

Bringing her trademark calm and playful sense of humor to the demanding tasks required of the first person our residents and families see on any given day, Linda took to her new job like a duck to water. A keen sense of organization and order won her a quick promotion to Assistant Administrator.

More recently, Linda has filled the lead role at The Palms front desk…once again the first friendly face we see every day and the go-to person for residents, families, and staff alike.

“I was looking for a way to be of service, to help others,” she says. “And working for The Villages gives me that, plus a big bonus: After seven years, I am still learning about life and love from our residents on a daily basis.” 

When she’s not at work, Linda can often be found knee deep in pots and plants at the home she shares with her husband and her mother in Nipomo.


Clay PoynterMaintenance Director

Clay Poynter brings a lifetime of experience to his position as Maintenance Director at The Villages. Born in Turlock, California, and raised in the very small town of Hughson, Clay grew up in construction. Nearly every member of his family is involved in the building business in one way or another.

During high school, Clay played several sports and went to work right after graduation. He soon formed his own construction company which thrived in the Lake Chelan area of Washington State for 18 years. He and his wife Colleen, a middle school teacher, moved to California to escape the snowy winters.

Clay had been serving as Maintenance Director for a large health corporation in our county for seven years when he agreed to take the top job for The Villages. His long and varied experience makes him an ideal fit professionally; and his warm, can-do attitude helps him to “lead by example,” he says, and to “steer my team in a positive direction.”

In his spare time, Clay enjoys kayaking and bicycling and making the most of each day.

The Villages Facts

Emergency response systems are in every apartment.

“I shudder to think that my family and I almost procrastinated [my Mother's] move to The Villages. We thought freedom would be has turned out to be very liberating.”
Janet (Daughter)

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