Ken & Angela

Independent Living

"We have every reason to want to enjoy life while we still can. Don't wait until you don't have the time to be happy at a place like this."

I'm Angela. I've been at The Villages since October 30th, 2003, and I married this wonderful Kenneth 4 years ago. I became a bride at 85 and convinced him to come to this beautiful village to live with us.

It's happiness from the time you open your eyes in the morning until you close them at night, and a nice, safe feeling. It's so secure, it just really is. It's a wonderful way to not have to worry about yourself anymore, and it's a wonderful thing for your children to know that they don't have to worry that you're taken care of. There's first-class entertainment, if you want activity, there's so much of it that you can hardly keep up with it all. The best meals, the food is unbelievable. It's gotten better each year. Don't wait because you're going to miss a lot of good fun that you can have when you're still able to have it.

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