Assisted Living

"I'm very happy and this where I'm going to stay for a very long time."

My name is Barbara. I've lived at The Villages for four months and I'm very happy here. I have lived by myself for a long, long time. I was very scared at first, but everyone put me at ease. It's just like home to me now.

The people that work here at The Villages are just terrific people. They come in, change your towels a couple of times a day, your trash is picked up at least once a day, and your beds are made. Anything you want or need, they're right there, johnny-on-the-spot.

Another thing I like here really well is that you get your medications and you get them when you need them. What I mean by that is that there's a routine time to get your medicine. A lot of times when you're in your own home, you forget and think, 'Oh I forgot that pill and I should have taken it.' And here, you don't forget your pills because they bring them to you. That's why I feel very safe here. They keep good track of you and they keep in contact with your doctors, and that's very important.

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