From the Children of Our Residents

Assisted Living

"As this letter is being typed, [my Mother] is off on the 'Mystery Scenic Tour.' Prior to her move to The Villages, she wouldn't consider taking advantage of such off-site ventures. Now, I can hardly keep up with her whereabouts on any given day…

Everyone is willing to take time to explain things to us concerned relatives and follow up on questions to keep us informed. That kind of effort goes a long ways towards developing the trust that is essential for the comfort and well being of residents…You've earned my respect."

—James (Son)

"It is a relief to know that although [my uncle] can come and go at will, the folks at The Villages know where he is and can respond to his needs. I live 200 miles north ... and I have never felt like an intruder. Everyone is open, friendly, and welcomes my visits. My endorsement of everything at The Villages is without qualifications.”

—Chuck (Nephew)

"[My Mother] is genuinely cared for, and happily entertained, and I believe she will live longer, safer, and happier thanks to you all at The Villages.

I shudder to think that my family and I almost procrastinated [her] move to The Villages. We thought freedom would be compromised…it has turned out to be very liberating. I wanted assistance close by but her freedom is still available. The Villages has provided this assistance."

—Janet (Daughter)

"When I brought Mom to The Villages, I wasn't sure what I was going to do, as she required more care than a person who works full-time can do. The people were so kind, loving, and explained everything in such a manner that I knew this living arrangement would benefit Mom, and help me to feel comfortable. Believe me, it has helped both Mom and I so much. Thank you to all the staff!"

—Nancy (Daughter)

"My family has seen so many improvements in our Mother's circumstances since moving to The Villages. We are grateful to you for giving her this opportunity to have as meaningful and healthful a life as possible. This special combination of place and people gives my family a peace of mind that is immeasurable."

—Steve (Son)

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to say what a wonderful and caring staff you have. You've done a wonderful job of getting my mom's medications straightened out, and you have cheerfully given an answer for everything that has come up in the moving process. You have all made a tough chapter in my mom's life go much smoother, and for that, we are so grateful. She is liking it here so much."

—Nancy (Daughter)

"I wanted to make sure I pass along kudos to the med staff. We have been working through a circus this morning and this afternoon of insurance, pharmacy, and doctor orders getting mom ready for a pacemaker change on Monday morning, and it hasn't been as smooth as it might have been. During this process, Virginia and Pam have been more than helpful, as they always are, and it is a joy to have them on our side. I just want to say thank you, and make sure they get recognized as well because they have been tremendous and in my estimation, have gone above and beyond the call of duty. Please extend my sincere thanks, and let them know how much we appreciate them all."

—Allen (Son)

Memory Care

"I can't say enough about the staff at Sydney Creek. The caregivers have patience beyond any normal person. I feel like I have another extended family with the caregivers."

—Susan (Daughter)

"Thank you for the kindness and respect you showed caring for my father. The way you treated him significantly improved the quality of his life."

—The Jordan Family

"I can't believe the change in my wife. When we brought her in to see her new apartment, she said 'What a lovely room, it looks just like home'. The staff is fantastic. They are well trained and dedicated to their job—making people with Alzheimer's happy."

—Lloyd (Husband)

"My stress was totally relieved when Grandpa moved to Sydney Creek. I have great peace of mind now."

—Susan (Granddaugter)

"Sydney Creek provides the care our family can't. Mother's comfort and well-being have been a tremendous relief to our entire family."

—June (Daughter)

"My mom likes to be independent, and everyone has been so tuned into that. What a phenomenal group!"

—Francine (Daughter)

"When we first moved Mom to Sydney Creek she was angry at us for moving her. Within a couple of months, Mom was fitting in. The activities kept her day fun and the love that emanated from each caregiver helped her blossom. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are truly angels."

—Patricia (Daughter)

"We have been very impressed with how well the staff attends to the residents and how well-managed the community is. We have seen great levels of dedication, caring, and competence in all the people involved at Sydney Creek. My Mother feels less anxious, and she is very content in her new home."

—Ken (Son)

"I honestly have tears in my eyes seeing how healthy and handsome he looks, and how happy he seems to be painting! I am 1,000% positive that he never did anything in the way of art work before coming to Sydney Creek. Never ever. And the golfing also, he never did that. It is just such a glorious blessing that Uncle Gene can experience so many wonderful things at his age, even though he is dealing with dementia."

—Sandi (Niece)



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