“My mom was very independent and lived by herself in Chowchilla for years. Slowly though, she started exhibiting behaviors that just didn’t seem right.”

She was having accidents, and we found that she was only eating frozen dinners, sometimes more than one a night as if she had forgotten about the first one. We started the search for an Alzheimer’s home through the help of several nonprofits, agencies, Alzheimer’s resources and health referrals. Some of the places we found looked nice on the outside but place residents in front of a television all day on the inside, and this just wouldn’t be right. Then we found Sydney Creek, and we knew this would be a good fit.

It was the hardest day bringing my mom to Sydney Creek. I felt as if I had betrayed her. I thought I was prepared. But days later my mom was ok, and in fact thriving. I know that I took longer to adjust than she did, which is the funny thing. She doesn’t sit in front of a TV, instead, she participates in events all the time. She is now grateful, in fact, she looked at me the other day and said, “I know you!—and I know I love you.” I know now that this could not have happened anywhere else but here, and I am so thankful for the love, care and support both of us have enjoyed from Sydney Creek. It’s truly a blessing.


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